Monday, October 11, 2010

Alternative energy and its meaning in our lives

Alternative energy: the production of energy or electricity using an alternative source of water, Sun, heat, etc. These alternative sources have no side effects on the environment, but are helping people to save money. Only this generation of alternative energy sources are selected which do not harm the environment.

Meaning of alternative energy

A lot of meaning.You can generate power with very low prices and do not have to pay expensive electricity bills more. a different meaning, is that you can produce home energy or you've read physics or not, you can still generate power through the use of alternative sources.

Alternative energy sources

I. solar power

Solar energy is produced by the sun light into electricity and hot water.

How alternative energy produces ability?

The cells that are composed of silicon to be used for this purpose. cells with silicon are exposure to sunlight, they automatically produce electricity.Do you want to make use of solar energy, place the cells in places where they of the maximum amount of sunlight received.Open roofs are the best places for the replacement of these cells. cells excess amount of solar energy directly.

II. Hydro Power

Hydro means water and hydro power: production of energy from water turbines.

How alternative energy produces?

Small water turbines have been created to generate hydropower production will reduce.Water turbines have been set up in running water. Hydropower are then automatically generated in the flows of water.

III. wind power

Production of Wind energy resources using wind power.

How alternative energy produces?

Special turbines will be designed that wind energy can be saved and can raise of wind energy.These turbines are set on top of tall towers. Turbines generate on a high tower body using wind power.

IV. ethanol and biodiesel

Ethanol is used as a substitute for petrol, while biodiesel an alternative fuel oil diesel. they can be used in all vehicles where the oil, petrol and diesel to be used. they do not affect the vehicles or on the speed, but will help you to save your money by stop paying high prices for oil and diesel.

Reasons for the use of alternative energy

There are several reasons which was for people to search for alternative sources of energy. all the countries of the world are facing problems such as lack of fuels and gases. their deficit increased their prices. when there was no stability in prices was, people started looking for alternative sources of energy. The high prices of gas and fuels their deficit is not fixed, but the question can be reduced.

People prefer the use of alternative energy sources now instead of expensive fuels, as well as gases. Another reason for the use of alternative energy is that people can not afford or want to pay expensive cost of electricity. the prices of electricity too unstable and continue to rise. so, people now prefer the use of alternative sources.


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