Sunday, September 11, 2011

The packaging directive are not met

Several environmental organizations have submitted a formal complaint with the European Environment Commissioner by what they see as serious irregularities in packaging data recycled Spain delivered to the European Union.

Recycling containers

Associations that have reported this fact are tothe Earth migos, ecologists in action, Ecologistes of GOB, Greenpeace, Catalunya and FundaciĆ³n Global Nature. According to these environmental organizations the real figures are lower than that officially recycles our country.

Recycling of paper

Along with the complaint they claim to the Commissioner of the environment to open an investigation to determine whether there had been irregularities in these data.

They argue that most of these data come from government agencies really have no systems to have a reliable calculation of the amounts collected.

Truck collected waste

In addition could be including, calculation recycled packaging tons of other materials which do not fall within this classification such as paper and cardboard, resulting materials of incineration can not distinguish if really are packaging and even have including data goods recycled through the traditional Metalworkers.

Many other materials that are collected in specific containers for the recycling of packaging waste would not correspond to this type of material and on the other hand if they are counted in the figures for collected material. The data for this circumstance are around 2% in the case of the glass and up to 25% in light packaging. These materials are separated into recycling plants that can not be recycled for what it should not be counted.

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