Saturday, December 25, 2010

Money talks and solar walks in our search for cheap alternative energy

Solar energy or energy is the focus of the search for cheap alternative energy if we try to reduce our dependence on, and reducing the effects of fossil fuels. Using solar energy as a tool for the creation of a less expensive alternative to our current energy sources is based on the following principles.

1. Unlike our finite resources of fossil fuels is solar energy an infinite and renewable source of energy.
2. There are no harmful emissions.
3. the use of solar energy greatly reduces the very considerable use of water, which is a typical example of the use of coal, nuclear power and combined energy sources.
4. after the first expenditure involved in the installation of solar-powered energy source, plus a maintenance costs, it is for all intents and purposes free of charge.

Those in favour of the use of solar energy always confronted with two major problems with the promotion of these possible form of low-cost alternative energy. Currently it is not, in practice, a cheap alternative.Inefficiencies and expenditure involved in setting up the initial cost means that solar energy by the majority is still seen as a marginal source of energy.

But have made considerable progress in the pursuit of greater efficiency in the use of solar energy.Recently a group of American scientists a world record in solar cell efficiency almost 41% of the light to turn it into energy.

Good news is, of course, in the long term it is not enough to the worldwide acceptance of solar energy gains as a viable alternative energy source. as always will be the determining factor costs.To the stage where this form of energy which is accessible to most people, it will never be an alternative energy, let alone our most important resource.

This all boils down finance and in a world of financial turmoil is almost always research and development that the fastest and best financial cuts.Research and development is the only way that solar power will ever come that it's available for the masses. the masses will only be able to use it like it is a cheap alternative.

This is the vicious circle that solar power and his supporters have been caught. to the stage where we achieve greater efficiency in the use of energy and the production of solar energy the units are not a cheap alternative.
In recent times of economic prosperity reinforces the focus shifted from cheap alternatives and fossil fuels their dominant position. If sufficient progress and financing has taken place in times of prosperity is very unlikely during an economic recession.

Local and national support for the promotion of solar energy as a cheap alternative energy source is probably not enough to see this idea lighting of our world. If this form of energy ever going to the stage of a cheap alternative to global cooperation and a long-term strategy. have seen the light of day?

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