Thursday, November 17, 2011

Homemade biodiesel

The first thing I have to tell you is that ye have care when carrying out this experiment since it is not any kind of game.

Take special care with the eyes, skin, and vapors to be broadcast with the reaction, therefore recommends the use of gloves, glasses and apron. Pile-ups involving children and previously turn all fires which may be lit (candles, kitchen...)

Biodiesel is a liquid biofuel that can be obtained through vegetable fats, animal fats or natural lipids. This is obtained by subjecting to the vegetable oil to a chemical reaction known as Transesterification.

Today we'll talk about the process through the sunflower, oil can use the new that will be much more easy but expensive or used (of Fryer) that finally is a benefit for you and the environment.

You need to prepare biodiesel, sunflower oil and methanol with soda dissolved caústica (sodium methoxide). Mixes two ingredients and you troubled for several minutes with a steel spoon, once you have done this, you leave it sit for an hour. Finally you will see as a glycerine is in the background.

The ideal is to separate them, extracting the biodiesel to a liquid container and leaving the Glycerin in the first container.

The packaging of the Glycerin will find compounds such as methanol, soaps and the used catalyst. You can use to make soaps.

Retrieved biodiesel would still not be ready to use because it can damage the engine, must be cleaned to Remove remains of hydroxide, methanol and soaps.

Wash only you need to Add water to the biodiesel through a stone grinder and an aireadora bomb. The water will go to the Fund and biodiesel flotaría, thanks to bubbles that would produce the bomb, they realize wide impurities.

They must make several washes, between 3 and 4 until the water is not Tinea. In the first you can see as the water is stained white quickly due to the impurities that would have been extracted from the biodiesel.

On completion of this process again to extract biodiesel to another clean jar trying to not get water and repeats the cleaning process.

The last step so you are ready to use, is to remove any remaining water that may have the biodiesel. This biodiesel with care and without flame is heated to 40-50 ° during one or two hours, then leave you it.

To know that the process has done well, after the rest must acquire a pale yellow amazing clarity .

Experts in this field recommend to biodiesel in summer when warm temperatures favour the process.

Perhaps a change is closer than you think, if we are able to do so and all us priceless, homemade biodiesel can cease to be an option to be a solution.

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