Thursday, November 24, 2011

Air quality measurement systems

Measuring the quality of the air in cities is today something fundamental. Why we need to be installed measuring systems in all of them, especially in black spots of the city from the point of view of the emission of gases.

Pollution in the air

Today there are various types of measuring systems to analyze the presence of particulate pollutants.

Sulfur dioxide Analyzer. These meters are based on the fluorescence of the molecules of sulfur dioxide.

Carbon monoxide Analyzer. It is based on the absorption of infrared radiation of the carbon monoxide molecules.

Ozone Analyzer. Measure the absorption of ultraviolet radiation.

Oxides of nitrogen Analyzer. They measured the energy released to the join the oxide of nitrogen and ozone, energy released in the form of photons.

Air quality measurement system

Analyzer of suspended particles(PM10) one of the most important. These devices make a measurement of suspended particles with a diameter exceeding 2.5 µm. They can also incorporate systems of separation and removal of particles with diameters exceeding 10 µm.

Hydrocarbon Analyzer. They incorporate an iotización detector of hydrogen. Detect detached particle by the hydrogen to burn it and these produce an electric current with intensity depending on the detected particles.

Analyzer of BTX. They use a Photoionization detection device or an iotización flame detector.

Ultraviolet radiation sensor. It measures the light emitted by a phosphorous sensor.

This should be added conventional measurement of weather systems that also significantly influence the State of the quality of the air and pollution.

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