Monday, May 2, 2011

South Saigon Yacht Park: Modern and Green Clean Living

Saigon Yacht Park Vietnam is setting an example in setting up a stunning green center with the ongoing project called South Saigon Yacht Park. Right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, the state capital, plans are afoot to create a green oasis to spread the message of green revolution across the country. This Yacht Park is the first step towards making a glass-concrete jungle to an eco friendly city and to bring back the old world charm of harmony between people and nature.

Design of the park
The Lib.A – Liberty Architecture team of architects have taken the responsibility of designing this South Saigon Yacht Park. The park will be so designed to show-case Vietnam’s celebrated rich past culture and their glorious legacy as well be the green focus of the famous city. Making a green center amidst the glass and concrete jungle, on the river banks of Saigon will show-case the changing trends in Vietnam leaning towards greener, cleaner and healthier living.

Green urban fusion
To bring green centers and hubs inside cities and to make the city roads as zero-carbon-emission zones are now quite familiar traits in many European cities. More and more people are taking to cleaner-energy utilization, use bicycles or even walk rather than drive for reducing and conserving on fossil-fuel consumption. Now Ho-Chi Minh is joining the ranks of these green-sensitive cities with the South Saigon Yacht Park Scheme.

North side of Yacht Park
The North Park area will have areas earmarked especially for residential purposes as well as other important components of urban life. The architects have planned to incorporate features that will fulfill the requirements of the populace in recreation and entertainment genre as well as shopping multiplexes. There will be centers to enjoy cultural activities like theaters and auditoriums in the northern parts of the part all set amidst verdant greenery.

South side of Yacht Park
The south side with its river front areas will have commercial river dock facilities along with residential areas – all areas nestling amidst verdant greenery. Thanks to the ample availability of water, there will be no shortage of greenery in any part of the park. The center of attraction of course will be The Yacht Sport Entertainment Complex which will add greatly to the beauty of the park.

A green dream comes true
This has been the green dream of Vietnam – to build a prototype of a park to unify city and nature; to bring nature to the urban areas. With a profusion of green features integrated into its design thanks to the nature-given bounties provided by the river and features to glorify its cultural heritage, the South Saigon Yacht Park will provide a fresh breath of cool natural green beauty to the city dwellers.

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