Thursday, May 5, 2011

Biomass Energy Disadvantages

Biomass Energy disadvantages. There really are not that many. But we do need to look at the whole picture when trying to see if biomass is a good alternative fuel to fossil fuel such as coal or oil.

1. Biomass produces greenhouse emissions. The biggest argument against biomass is that it produces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

2. It takes more energy to plant ,cultivate and harvest the crops and trees than it is worth to get a net energy gain. It also takes up more water from the earth and other fossil fuels to make the fertilizers and fuels for planting and harvesting. it also, supposedly, takes up more land for the crops and trees.

3.Biomass collection is difficult. There was a man who, in 1979, traveled from Jacksonville, Fl to Los Angeles, Ca on wood he was using in his biomass gasifier attached to a Chevy Malibu. He would travel 1 mile for every pound of wood. Not the most efficient use of fuel.

4. Biomass crops not available all year. Corn, wheat, barley and the like are seasonal crops. They are not available all year. Trees are also a slow growing resource even though they are renewable. This would also tend to be a negative on the side of biomass fuels.

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