Thursday, June 21, 2012

Discover the South Pole

Acciona is the company that has promoted this action, a global leader in renewable energy water and sustainable infrastructure.
 The reason for this expedition is based on a tribute to Roald Amudnsen and Scott, which 100 years ago first came to the South Pole with all that entails for so many years.

In addition to this tribute, the end of this expedition is to carry out different scientific projects in the South Pole. The protagonists of the current expedition are Ramón Larramendi, Javier Selva, Juan Pablo Albar and Ignacio Oficialdegui, that despite the new technologies that are available, carried out a 3500 km only with the help of the wind and a sledge route.
So you can imagine how this trip being carried out, the sled consists of some comets that are located in the front of the sled, and it is with the strength of the wind that displacement is achieved.

Only renewable energy sources will be those that are present in this new venture of Acciona, are a vision of a future that aspires to be better scientific projects that attempt to understand the functioning of the planet based on respect and the environment.

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