Thursday, March 10, 2011

UIMP and CSIC offer a master's degree and a Ph.d. in Energias Renovables, fuel cells and hydrogen

University International Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) and Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) has scheduled a formal programme of University Master and Ph.d. in Energias Renovables, fuel cells and hydrogen.

The master, to be held in October 2010 a July 2011 the Institute it on Science and technology of Madrid, this is to respond to the growing social and professional experts trained in the generation, production and distribution of renewable energy technologies.

Master aims to train a significant number of able to create and refine methodologies of obtaining renewable energy experts, and academic and scientific relevance is based on the ability of dotar a university graduates of knowledge and skills allow them to start in the field of applied research in emerging areas of science and technologies physical, chemical and materials lines.

Furthermore, in the professional field, aims at dotar University graduates of knowledge and skills allow them to start a professional career in various areas of technological development, management and market, both in business areas such as institutional specialties.

To do this, students will understand the economic and social framework and environmental constraints in based legal regulations and specific policies affect the development, release, and management of renewables; the basics and tools for research applied to the generation of renewable energies photovoltaic solar, the biofuel, wind and geothermal; fundamentals in based principles of operation of different types of fuel cells, and have a perspective of problems with faces his research, technological development and release; and production and storage of hydrogen technologies.

Students may make practices to CSIC and some public institutions located in Madrid. Also, to complete his training, be taught seminars within each subject where will discuss burning issues and we will visit unique facilities national geography radios.

The master has a duration of one academic year (60 ECTS credits): 600 hours contact and more than 900 hours of personal work: classroom (354), invited conferences (38), practices (42), seminars (40), visits a companies (88) and evaluations (38).

All nozzles the UIMP and CSIC postgraduate programmes taught are adapted to the European area of higher education (EEES) and their workload is set to ECTS credits.

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