Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Conventional energies

In the previous post, we were talking about the depletion of natural resources. While we could fall into the error of repeating the argument, in this post I decided to talk a little about the conventional energy, everything from the previous post. I saw that he needed talk a little about this subject, it is necessary to emphasize and explain which are the energy conventional.geothermal-power-plant-i01 Technically, the conventional energies would be all that traditional energy sold entering part of the computation of gross domestic product (GDP). Conventional energy sources would not have to be non-renewable energy, but mainly due to historical circumstances, can be said are mainly non-renewable, such as: petroleum, coal, gas, fossil fuels.These energies are mainly used for production of electrical energy. All have in common mostly are limited and that the indiscriminate use is has echo for years make them increasingly more difficult to achieve. This makes it increasingly will think more that is tending to his disappearance. carbon Why, as we said in the pursuit of depletion of natural resources, Governments are taking ever more determination to make policies to restrict its massive use and promote the development of other energy policies more respectful with the environment ..One of the agreements more important, made among different countries is the "Kyoto Protocol" which, the participating countries undertook to reduce their emissions of regulated gases causing the greenhouse effect, by the year 2012 .. 5%As we said earlier, conventional energies would not that be the depletable since many years, man has been using hydraulic power , but try a resource unlimited and clean it encompasses directly renewable energy group. Foto: google images fuente:

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