Friday, October 1, 2010

Way Out alternative sources of energy

When we think alternative energy sources, we think to solar energy, wind energy and even the Gulf stream. But have you ever considered the possibility of energy from old tablets, used diapers and molten salt? Alternative energy from waste and molten salt sources is no longer the stuff of fiction, it has successfully tried and tested.

Alternative energy prevents waste and emissions 

As companies in the United Kingdom to comply with the rules of trade of the EPC, alternative energy is not just for bunny huggers; everyone can benefit from the production of energy from new sources. the energy needed to our daily activities can be transferred from just about anything.  We sat down with all of these potential energy, but without the means to make use of it.

Some innovative scientists and inventors have found ways of converting waste, which is usually difficult to dispose, energy and this gives us the possibility of two birds with one stone dead. Not only does this reduce the risk of the substance in water tables and reduces the problems of the landfill, but increases the load on our stocks of fossil fuels and oil.

Use a pill energy

Medication seems to be one of the most unlikely alternative sources of energy. Expired medication is notoriously difficult to get rid of it. If people their medication in the toilet flush, the part of the water system, and if it is thrown away as a landfill, the potentially harmful chemicals seep into the soil and water tables, in the end, Governments are becoming increasingly. more concerned about pharmaceutical water pollution, scientists have found high levels of many drugs in water resources.Some of these are hormone pills, which lead to cancer and animal movements.

A company in the United States, which specializes in the removal of expired drugs sends expired medicines to an energy company that waste into energy turnover. six and a half million pounds of pills were in 2006, producing enough energy power one hundred homes for more than a year.

Fill the tank with dirty diapers.

Another alternative energy company was looking for waste resources that are consistently produced to diesel fuel from. the reply came in the form of used diapers.The company will now 30, 000 tonnes of diapers in 10, 000 tonnes of diesel fuel to 50 cents per litre in a closed system of low emissions.

Molten Salt compared to fossil fuels

We looked at all to the elements, the air, Sun and water, for alternative energy sources, but a rocket construction company and solar energy company in North America thinking out of the box and came up with a method for energy from molten salt.

Molten salt is often used to alloys, but analysts say that the idea of combining of solar energy and molten salts. solar energy is collected by tilting the mirrors that directly to the molten salt, which is then heated to more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, the steam that is used to drive a turbine. the molten salt can be used to repeat the process and no emissions are produced.

Driving with a drink

Thousands of bottles of smuggled alcohol be seized on an annual basis, and authorities in Sweden have come up with a brilliant alternative energy use-with the help of alcoholic cocktails as biogas source to power cars and buses. it seems like a noble use of the large amount of liquor for consumption per year.

Alternative energy sources give us a way out of the crisis of the oil, and let us feel all warm and fuzzy inside about saving the environment with renewable energy. at the moment, however, difficult to alternative energy sources accessible to everyone, such as new energy systems are more expensive to produce.


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